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Subscription Management

Feeling overwhelmed by the intricacies of managing billing processes, constantly following up for recurring payment, and keeping your subscribers engaged? And that too every month or quarter?

Say goodbye to these hassles with our powerful SaaS-based subscription management system – a simplified application to address complex payment collection problems!

Plans and Pricing

Billing and Invoicing

Recurring Billing

Dunning Management

Subscription Analytics

Churn Management

Payment Gateways


Security & Compliance

Customer Self-Service


Why Sampark Subscriptions?

Subscription management involves three major issues – intricate billing processes, addressing customer churn, and managing recurring payments. All of these require meticulous attention to ensure sustainable business growth.

Our Subscription Management application is a much-needed solution for optimizing subscription-based businesses. It streamlines billing, addresses payment challenges, and enhances subscriber engagement, all while providing comprehensive insights for informed decisions. With stringent security, global compliance, and intelligent churn management, it empowers growth and outperforms the competition in innovation and efficiency.

Manage Plans

Simplify the way you manage subscription plans, pricing, and upgrades. Customize plans, set trial periods, and implement discounts effortlessly, all from a user-friendly interface.

Effortless Billing

No more manual invoicing and payment tracking. Our automated system ensures timely billing, supports multiple payment gateways, and lets you generate and send invoices.

Dunning Management

Manage unsuccessful payment attempts and dunning procedures to retry failed transactions. Automatically send reminders to customers and update payment details.

Manage Churns

Minimize churn and retain valuable customers using our intelligent churn management tools. Identify patterns and proactively address issues that lead to cancellations.

Actionable Insights
& Reports

Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive subscription analytics. Monitor churns, track revenue trends, and gain insights into customers' behaviors.

Multiple Payment

Integrate the payment gateway of your choice. Be it RazorPay, CC Avenue, PayTM, PayPal, Stripe, - we support all!

The ONLY Subscription Management Tool
with 100% Customization

Your Payment, Your Way

While others fall short on customization, our subscription management system stands out with its 100% tailored approach. Unlike competitors that demand a percentage, our solution offers unparalleled value with negligible monthly fees, empowering your business for success.

Custom Subscription Plans

Make bespoke subscription plans that align perfectly with your business model, including personalized pricing tiers, billing frequencies, and trial durations.

Branding and Themes

Elevate your brand identity by effortlessly incorporating logos, color schemes, and branding elements that resonate with your audience.

Custom workflows

Create custom workflows and automations to match your business processes and procedures.

Custom branding

Customize the look and feel of the helpdesk system to match your organization's branding and style.

Localized Pricing

Customize pricing for local markets or services, ensuring that your offerings remain competitive and compelling for diverse customer segments.

Customized Portal

Enhance user engagement by customizing the self-service portal, enabling subscribers to interact with your brand on their terms.

Just any Payment Gateway

We don't force you! Bring any payment gateway of your choice and we will happily integrate so that your customers always remain happy.

Custom Process Management

Our application is flexible enough to accommodate any process. Unlike our competitors, we don't dictate terms when it comes to your business process.

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Why choose Us

Cloud-based Subscription Solution

Our ITSM application is a powerful cloud-based tool that can help you streamline your customer support operations, improve your team's productivity, and provide an exceptional customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how our helpdesk system can benefit your business!

Recurring Payments

Handle proration, upgrades, downgrades, and plan changes efficiently.

Revenue Recognition

Automate revenue recognition for compliance with accounting standards.

Subscription Analytics

Gain insights into key subscription metrics through detailed reporting and dashboards.

Churn Reduction

Monitor customer churn trends and implement strategies to reduce churn through data-driven insights.

Coupon and Discount Management

Create and manage various discount types, promotional codes, and special offers to attract and retain customers.

Invoicing and Taxation

Automatically generate and send invoices to customers, handling taxes, GST, and compliance with global regulations.


Seamlessly integrate with CRM, accounting, and other platforms to create a unified ecosystem.

Emails and Notifications

Personalize communication with customers by automated emails, messages and notifications.