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SamparkONE Suite

SamparkONE is designed to help small businesses and startups manage and automate their key business processes, without the need for complicated and expensive systems. The SamparkONE suite comprises a range of essential tools, including a website, AI-Bot, HR Management System, CRM, ITSM, Asset Management, and Learning Management System – all aimed at streamlining your business operations, improving efficiency, and driving growth. 

CMS-based Website





Asset Management


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What's there in SamparkONE?

SamparkONE is a powerful suite of tools tailored to support small businesses and startups. With a range of features including a website, AI-Bot, HR Management System, CRM, ITSM, Asset Management, and Learning Management System, SamparkONE streamlines operations and drives growth. Its seamless integration and automation reduce manual effort while leveraging AI technologies to provide an intuitive experience. 

SamparkONE empowers businesses to establish a strong online presence, streamline HR tasks, manage customer relationships, optimize technology infrastructure, and nurture employee development. It is an affordable solution for small businesses looking to achieve sustainable growth through productivity enhancements, better decision-making, and informed growth strategies.

CMS Website

An aesthetically designed and customized website that would help you to create a robust online presence.


AI-driven chatbot that offers personalized and efficient customer support 24/7 like a human support person.

HR Management System

All-in-one solution for managing HR tasks such as employee onboarding, leave management, and performance tracking.


A customer relationship management tool that provides efficient and optimized sales processes and helps manage customer relationships.


Helpdesk tool that helps your business efficiently manage your customers' queries and tickets, thus maintain the CSAT.

Asset Management Tool

A tool that helps you to track and manage valuable assets while minimizing the risk of theft or loss.


Learning Management System for employee training and development, keeping your business competitive in today's landscape.

FREE Support

SamparkONE includes FREE support and hand-holding for the initial days business so that you can firmly set your footprint in the market.

Complete Business Suite for Startups & SMBs

Your Business, Your Way

Unlock the true potential of your small business or startup with SamparkONE, the ultimate suite of tools designed to propel your success. Eliminate the complexities of managing numerous systems and embrace unparalleled business efficiency, game-changing productivity, and unstoppable growth with SamparkONE

Global Identity

Establish a strong online presence with a professional website that reflects your brand, products and services.

Personalized Support

Provide exceptional and personalized customer support, answering queries via phone, email, or AI-powered chatbot.

Empower HR

Streamline HR tasks such as attendance tracking, time-off management, payroll, and benefits administration.

24x7 Support

Optimize your tech infrastructure and IT support, ensuring consistent and effective solutions that scale with the business.

Develop Skills

Nurture employee development and growth through sophisticated and easy-to-use learning management systems.

Manage Customers

Manage your sales pipeline efficiently, from lead tracking to closing deals, increasing your revenue and growth.

Monitor Assets

Manage your sales pipeline efficiently, from lead tracking to closing deals, increasing your revenue and business growth.

Serve Your Business

Gain insights into your customer data and behavior, understand their needs and serve them more efficiently and effectively.

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How To Start

SamparkONE Adaptation Guidelines

Seamlessly integrated and surprisingly affordable, SamparkONE empowers you to create a truly impactful online footprint, provide exceptional customer service, automate tedious HR tasks, streamline your technology infrastructure, and foster a culture of continuous employee development. Check the pre-implementation guidelines .

Evaluate your business needs

Identify the specific challenges or areas where SamparkONE can address your business requirements, such as website development, customer support, HR management, IT infrastructure, and employee training.

Talk to our experts

Explore the features, functionality, and benefits of each module within the suite. Consider how each component aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Consider scalability

Assess how SamparkONE can accommodate your business growth. Think and try projecting your future needs and demands of your business.

Request a demo

Take advantage of demo session to get hands-on experience with SamparkONE apps. This will help you assess usability, user interface, and overall user experience of various tools offered under SamparkONE.

Implementation and support

Understand the implementation process and ensure that your organization has the necessary resources and technical expertise to smoothly adopt SamparkONE.

Training and onboarding

SamparkONE offers comprehensive training resources to familiarize your team with the suite. Consider the availability of onboarding support to ensure a seamless transition for your employees.