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Are you tired of the hassle and expense of managing your fleet manually? Do you want to improve your fleet’s efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety and compliance? Look no further than Sampark-Megafleet.

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Megafleet @ Sampark

MegaFleet is a smarter fleet management software that can help you streamline your fleet operations and automate many tasks, such as vehicle maintenance, fuel management, and driver scheduling. With MegaFleet, you can track your vehicles in real-time and get detailed reports on their performance, usage, and maintenance needs. You can use intelligent data to find out how your fleet works, integrate almost any third-party app, and automate your processes to work more efficiently.

MegaFleet gives you the tools to stay compliant, power up productivity, and exceed customer expectations.

Control fuel bills

Megafleet keeps a tab on fleet owners' one of top worries - uncontrolled fuel bills which are caused by factors including engine conditions, road, and theft.

Locate Vehicle

Whether the vehicle is on-road, delayed, under breakdown, or just stopped somewhere, you the owner get to know precisely.

Optimized Route

The driver has the GPS device but is he following the correct or the most viable route? Megalfeet helps you to identify.

Vehicle Health

Get unbiased and true information about the vehicular condition rather than relying upon whatever your driver says.

Find Service Center

Difficult to arrange for emergency repair or a visit to the workshop on the road. Megafleet always guides you to the most viable one.

Driver’s Performance

Does the driver drink and drive, prone to overspeeding or harsh breaking? Get precise details about where and when he faulted.

Now on Any Device

Fleet Management

Intelligent Data

Use intelligent data to find out how your fleet’s performance and health.

AI-Based Decision Making

Make informed decisions, mitigate challenges, and act faster using ACCURATE Recommendations

Instant Analysis

Get the power of real-time KPI tracking and analysis to assess every assess

Save Costs

Ensure your drivers are taking the most efficient routes – saving time and fuel

Monitor Driving Behaviors

Hold your drivers accountable for the way they drive and manage the vehicle.

Get Actionable Insights

View analytics, predict trends, and get graphical reports in real-time.

Centralized Dashboard

Monitor the entire fleet from one dashboard with total visibility and greater control.

Real-Time Tracking & Tracing

Track the whereabouts of every vehicle and its performance in real-time

Alerts & Notification

Stay organized and efficient with accurate status updates through smart alerts.

Sensor Data Analysis

Temperature, Cargo-space monitoring, Dash-Camera, Crash Analysis and Fuel Sensor.

Anytime, Anywhere

Track & Trace


MEGAFLEET automatically creates and shows clusters intelligently calculating the nearness of vehicles on the map.

Localized View

Start with a country-wide display of clusters and then zoom in to a street-level view of your vehicle on the road.

Share Live and Current Location

Share the location of a vehicle with your customer and team members who are not using MegaFleet apps.

Live Telematics & Sensor Data

MEGAFLEET uses message-broking technology to live broadcast Telematics and other Sensor data to your mobile app and web portal.

Filters & Categories

Track your fleet or individual vehicle using parameterized filters. Use AI-based geo-fencing to localize your search.

MegaFleet: Onboard Your Team

MEGAFLEET gives you elaborate and extensive options to manage your team the way it should be. From driver/pilot to the Head of Operations, you can set persona-based access for different team members based on their KRA, designation, and organizational rights.

CRM Integration

Chat and AI-Bot

Robocall Setup

Driver’s Language Selection


KB & self-paced learning

Fleet Health Monitoring

MEGAFLEET gives you the complete health status of every vehicle you own – whether running on the road, stopped, or in breakdown condition.


The Fleet Health Monitoring feature uses advanced telematics technology to collect data on your vehicles, including engine performance, fuel consumption, and vehicle usage. This data is then analyzed using sophisticated algorithms to detect patterns and anomalies that could indicate a problem. You can access this information through MegaFleet’s dashboard, which provides real-time alerts and notifications to help you stay on top of your fleet’s health.


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The Most Advanced Fleet Management Application In the Market

MegaFleet: Your Fleet, Your Way

Streamlined fleet operations

MegaFleet's fleet management software offers a flexible solution to streamline your fleet operations by automating various tasks, including vehicle maintenance, fuel management, and driver scheduling.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking and access to comprehensive reports on vehicle performance, usage, and maintenance needs are possible with MegaFleet.

Improved efficiency

MegaFleet empowers you to utilize intelligent data to gain insights into your fleet's operations, seamlessly integrate almost any third-party app, and automate your processes for optimal efficiency.

Health Monitoring

Using the advanced health-monitoring sensors, you can streamline your fleet operations, automate many tasks, and gain insights into your fleet's performance and health.

Cost savings

MegaFleet can lead to substantial cost savings over time by minimizing vehicle downtime, reducing fuel consumption, and extending the lifespan of your vehicles.

Enhanced safety

MegaFleet assists you in monitoring driver behavior, identifying hazardous driving habits, and providing training and feedback to enhance on-road safety.

Customer satisfaction

By offering precise and prompt information to your customers, such as estimated delivery times and order tracking, MegaFleet can improve customer satisfaction to an unprecedented level.