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Are you looking for a user-friendly, intuitive LMS that doesn’t require a steep learning curve, helps you scale your training programs, and most importantly, saves time and resources? SamparkLMS is the perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more about how our LMS can help you achieve your training and development goals.

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Why SamparkLMS?

SamparkLMS is designed to help organizations of all sizes manage and deliver training content, track learners’ progress, and measure the effectiveness of their programs. It offers a wide range of features, including customizable course creation, automated grading, real-time reporting, and mobile compatibility. Whether you’re looking to train employees, partners, or customers, our LMS can help you deliver engaging, effective, and personalized learning experiences.

SamparkLMS integrates with other systems and tools, such as HR systems and virtual classrooms, to streamline data management and reporting.

Course catalog

Create a catalog of available courses and training programs, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and enrollment information.

Automated notifications

Send automated notifications to learners and administrators, like reminders of upcoming courses or assessments.

Discussion boards

Start discussion boards or forums for learners to ask questions and collaborate with peers.

Blended learning

Set learning, which combines online and in-person training using scheduling tools and attendance tracking.

SCORM compliance

Use SCORM-compliant (a set of technical standards for e-learning software products) courseware.


Ensure that learners with disabilities can access and use the LMS platform through accessibility standards, such as WCAG.


Use multiple tenants (learning programs) for different departments or business units within an organization.

API integration

Integrate with other systems and applications APIs for seamless data exchange and automation.

100% Customizable Learning Management System

Your Training, Your Way


Customize SamparkLMS with your organization's branding, including logos, colors, and fonts.


Apply different themes or templates to change the look and feel of the interface of the LMS.


Customize the layout including the placement of menu items, dashboard, widgets, and other elements.


Customize the navigation including the structure of menus and the placement of links.


Change the language with translations of interface elements; use multi-lingual course content.

Access levels

Customize access levels for different user roles including admin, instructors, and learners.

Course templates

Create and customize course templates; use these templates for creating new courses.


Customize the use of multimedia elements in courses, such as videos, images, and audio.


Use your own design and content of certificates awarded to learners upon completion.


Set content and frequency of notifications like reminders of upcoming courses or assessments.

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Make the best out of your LMS Investment

SamparkLMS: Tips to Maximize Benefits

SamparkLMS comes with a plethora of features that can augment the learning process quite remarkably. To make the most out of SamparkLMS you need to have a clear strategy for how it will support your organization's learning and development goals. This means identifying the skills and knowledge that your employees need to acquire and then creating targeted learning programs that are aligned with those needs. To start with check the ones listed below; for more details contact us today to know more!

Personalized learning paths

Create personalized learning paths for individual learners based on their skill level, preferences, and learning goals.

Virtual classrooms

The ability to host live virtual classrooms or webinars for remote learners, with features such as screen sharing, chat, and whiteboards.

Content authoring

The ability to create and publish new content directly within the LMS platform, without the need for additional software or tools.

Surveys and feedback

The ability to create and administer surveys and collect feedback from learners to improve course content and delivery.

Competency tracking

The ability to track and manage learners' competencies and skills, and provide recommendations for further training or development.

Language support

The ability to support multiple languages for learners and administrators who speak different languages.

Offline access

The ability to access course content and assessments offline, without an internet connection.

Progress badges

The ability to award badges or certificates to learners who complete courses or achieve certain milestones.

Resource library

The ability to provide a library of additional resources, such as articles, videos, and podcasts, to supplement course content.

Feedback and grading

The ability to provide feedback and grades to learners on assessments and assignments.

Again, these are just some additional features that may be found in a standard LMS or learning management system. The specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the LMS provider and the needs of the organization.