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Effective Human Resource Management


With SamparkHR, you can automate routine tasks, eliminate errors, and free up your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives. You can easily manage employee data, track attendance and time off, and process payroll while using real-time data and analytics to gain insights into your workforce and make informed decisions.

Employee information

Time and Attendance

Benefits administration

Payroll processing

Performance management

Learning and development

Recruitment & Onboarding

Analytics and Reporting


Why SamparkHR?

SamparkHR has evolved into an end-to-end solution that helps organizations expand their human capital management capabilities, improve productivity and increase profits.

Payroll management

Manage payroll processes with ease. Includes salary calculations, tax calculations, reimbursements, and more.

Attendance management

Track employee attendance, leaves, and time off. Manage shift scheduling and shift management.

Employee self-service

Enables employees to access their personal information, payslips, and tax-related information. Options to manage leaves and reimbursements.


Set goals, track employee performance, and conduct performance appraisals. Includes competency mapping and feedback management.


Manage the entire recruitment process, from job posting to candidate selection. Comes with resume parsing, interview scheduling, and offers.


Stay compliant with labor laws and regulations. Manage tax compliance, labor law compliance, and statutory compliance.

HR Reports

Gain insights into the workforce and make data-driven decisions with dashboards, reports, and analytics.

Learning and Development

Manage employee training and development programs, including course registration, tracking, and reporting.

A Customizable HRMS for Effective Management

Your Human Resource, Your Way

SamparkHR can empower your employees, managers, and executives to show professional leadership and skills, stay at the top of their performance and achieve business goals efficiently.

Custom Notifications

Create custom notifications for various HR processes, such as leave approval, performance evaluation reminders, and onboarding tasks.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to employee profiles to capture additional information that is specific to your organization.

Custom Workflows

Customized workflows for various HR processes, such as leave requests, performance evaluations, and recruitment.

Custom Reports

Create reports based on specific requirements, such as employee turnover, attendance, and performance.

Custom Dashboards

Manage dashboards that display key HR metrics and data in a visual format.

Custom User Roles

Populate user roles and permissions based on your organizational structure and hierarchy.

Custom Integrations

Integrate SamparkHR with other applications like accounting software, benefits providers, and recruiting platforms.

Department & Verticals

Set specific processes for different departments within the organization, such as sales, marketing, and finance.

Customized Forms

Set customized forms for various HR processes, such as job applications, performance evaluations, and exit interviews.

Dummy Content

Set specific processes for different departments within the organization, such as sales, marketing, and finance.

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The Preferred HRMS on Cloud

What is unique about SamparkHR?

For all working styles

Manage all possible combinations of new working styles, whether it's remote work or staggered office schedules.

Perceptive Interface

With a mobile-first design optimized for the best end-user experience and high employee adoption, our platform is easy to use on any device.


Our platform is designed to get you up and running within 15 days, ensuring that you don't miss out on real-time context.

Integrates Seamlessly

SamparkHR is built with open APIs that can seamlessly integrate with any existing system in your organization.

Data Security

Built to safeguard your data and comply with some of the most stringent and reputable global standards, ensuring the highest level of security.

Updated Regularly

Stay up-to-date with the latest updates and enhancements that we make to SamparkHR periodically, so you can stay on top of your HR management process.