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Are you a forward-thinking banking or finance company aiming to maintain a competitive edge in a constantly changing industry? Your search ends here! Our banking-skilled technology team is ready to transform your operations, elevate customer experiences, and strengthen your security measures.

Banking Management

AI-based Automation

eKYC Process

Talent Supply

Smart Call Center



Intelligent Banking Solution

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, staying competitive means staying ahead, and our cutting-edge technology is here to make that happen. Picture a banking world where KYC processes are automated, loan approvals are swift, and your customers experience a seamless journey. With Sampark Softwares, this vision becomes your reality.

Our AI-based solutions go beyond the ordinary, enabling you to streamline claim analysis, automate collection workflows, and optimize asset management and tracking. Say goodbye to the manual drudgery of call-center operations; our cloud management solutions provide efficiency and scalability, while our top-notch security measures ensure your data is always protected. Patner with us in shaping the future of finance and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.

Customer Self-Service

Intuitive tools and process enabling customers to access information and independently manage self-guided loan application processes, real-time account insights and automated transaction dispute resolution.

Loan and Recovery

Make informed and faster lending decisions by evaluating an applicant's credit-worthiness, assessing the level of risk associated with the loan, and conducting financial assessments of the borrower.


Seamless adherence to regulations through regulatory tracking, fortified data security to protect sensitive information, real-time insight capabilities, audit trail management and compliance reporting

Predictive Analysis

Advanced data analytics and machine learning to anticipate market trends, customer behaviors, and potential risks, enabling informed decision-making and proactive strategies for sustainable growth

Branch Management

Optimize operations & staff scheduling, reduce manual tasks, enhance customer service, do performance tracking, and monitor customer flow analysis & resource utilization through streamlined workflows

Smart Call-center

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning smart search, customer sentiment analysis, Bio-metric/Voice Authentication, Decision Support System, Intelligent Call Routing; give support by Chatbot.

AI-Driven Retail Banking Solution

Sampark's Smart Call-Center Solution

Artificial Intelligence(AI) Driven

Experience a remarkable 60% reduction in human interaction workload, ensuring efficiency and excellence in customer service. Embrace the future of call centers with our innovative AI-based solution.

Cost Savings

Reduces the need for a large workforce, leading to substantial cost savings in terms of salaries, training, and operational expenses.

Consistent Customer Service

Consistent and accurate responses 24/7, ensuring that customers receive prompt assistance and information regardless of day/time.

Informed Decision-making

Root-cause and sentiment analysis help you gain insights into customer behavior and support-performance towards informed decisions.

Highly Scalable

Easily adapt to handle fluctuating call volumes, ensuring that your call center can scale up or down as needed without major staffing challenges.

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