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Harnessing the advanced technological prowess, Sampark Softwares pioneers bespoke solutions for the automotive sector, optimizing operations, fostering digital transformation, and driving the industry towards a smarter, more interconnected future.

Telematics devices

Tracking System

Fleet Management

EV Management

Plant automation



Futuristic Automotive Tech

Introducing a new automotive era, Sampark Softwares leads the industry revolution with unmatched IT solutions. Our advanced tech, powered by AI, IoT, and data analytics, isn’t just shaping the future – it’s propelling it. Envision vehicles seamlessly communicating, providing real-time insights for predictive maintenance, and delivering groundbreaking autonomous driving experiences. At Sampark Softwares, we’re not just reimagining transportation; we’re crafting a smarter, safer, and more efficient reality. 

Our track record in the auto sector isn’t just advantageous – it’s essential for reshaping mobility. Our solutions elevate your brand and industry standards. Trust Sampark Softwares to propel you into where tech and transport unite seamlessly. 

Telematics devices

Sophisticated data analytics and vehicle-to-cloud communication protocols, facilitating unmatched automotive performance using real-time data insights and intricate integration of vehicle IoT systems.

Vehicle Tracking

Cutting-edge Vehicle Tracking System, utilizing GPS technology for real-time location monitoring and geo-tracking, empowering businesses to offer precision-driven logistics and enhance operational efficiency.

Fleet Management

Fleet Insight, Persona Management, Multiple Sensors, Fleet Health, Alerts and Notifications, Trip Management, Fleet Uptime, detailed reports and Help & Support.

Process automation

Through meticulous plant process automation services, we optimize workflow and resource allocation, catalyzing a streamlined and advanced manufacturing process.

EV Management

Integrate and optimize electric vehicle operations which include efficient charging, maintenance scheduling, performance monitoring, and remote diagnostics, ensuring a seamless transition to the era of electric mobility.

Automotive Helpdesk

AI-powered integrated HelpDesk solution ensures that your journey is supported every step from issue resolution to tailored guidance; our solution povides highly satisfying experience for your customers.

All-encompassing Solutions for Automobile

Your Automobile, Your Way

With Sampark’s automobile IT solutions, you’re not just getting a product – you are accessing a superior blend of innovation, integration, support, and future-readiness that sets us apart from the rest.

Customized Innovation

Tailoring innovation to your industry's distinct requirements. We specialize in crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, ensuring a harmonious transition while addressing your specific challenges.

Integration Expertise

Integrate with various facets of your automotive operations. Our expertise in connecting diverse components facilitates smooth data flow, effective communication, and real-time insights, contributing to heightened productivity.

Proven Track Record

Capabilities lies in our track record of consistent success. Our solutions have consistently driven remarkable transformation within the industry, delivering tangible benefits and optimizing processes to achieve desired outcomes.

Holistic Support Approach

Comprehensive customer management solution ensures ongoing assistance, personalized guidance, and rapid issue resolution, offering unwavering support to maintain your operations at peak performance.

Leading-Edge Technology

Incorporate cutting-edge advancements, such as AI-driven analytics and seamless IoT integration, equipping you with tools that keep you competitive in an evolving market.

Strategic Future Preparedness

We position you for future success. Designed for scalability and adaptability, our solutions empower you to navigate emerging trends, ensuring you are well-equipped to thrive against competition.

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